We have just one aspiration: to be the very best tool storage review and comparison site on the web!

Tools. Humankind has been using them since the dawn of time. Tools have always been, and will always be, vital to humanity’s existence. But as vital as our tools and various tool sets are, so are our tool storage solutions. After all, tools can be quite expensive, so it makes sense to look after them properly. And this means storing them away in a decent tool storage solution. This is where we come in.

We set up our website as a one-stop portal for all things tool storage – reviews, comparisons, information, and industry news. We will be reviewing tool boxes, tool chests, tool cabinets, tool bags, tool organisers, tool belts, tool pouches, tool backpacks and basically anything and everything else connected to tool storage.

We have a passion about tools, but we have yet to come across a decent website reviewing tool storage solutions. We hope we can bridge this gap by creating the very best resource on the internet for all things tool storage. This website is, and always will be, a work in progress, so check back often as we will be adding reviews and comparisons regularly.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you enjoy your visit.

The world we live in has been irrevocably shaped by tools. Without tools there would be no pyramids in Egypt or skyscrapers in New York. There would be no cars to drive, no televisions to watch, and no mobile devices to browse the web. Taking things one step further, our heavy use of tools dictates that we also need storage for them. That is our niche.

Tool Storage Help is all about how we store and protect those valuable tools we use to do what we do. If you want to know something about tool storage, you have come to the right place. Our website is your home for:

Product Reviews
Consumer Information
Tips and Tricks
Storage Mods
Industry News
Safety Information
Product Recalls

Ours is a website maintained by tool fanatics for the benefit of tool fanatics. Whether you are an auto mechanic, construction worker, or a DIY homeowner who just loves to tinker on the weekends, you need the right tool storage to protect your investment. We are talking tool boxes, tool chests, tool bags, and tool cabinets here.


Product reviews and consumer information are not all we cover at Tool Storage Help. We also cover how tool storage is utilized. We have information addressing a wide variety of topics:

Choosing the right storage option
Caring for tool boxes, cabinets, etc.
Organizing tools using different storage solutions
Modifying storage solutions for better results
Building your own tool storage solutions

You can go to the DIY store and buy all sorts of tool storage solutions. But like anything else, how you use what you buy is just as important as the storage solution itself. We help you make the most of every purchase.


When you buy new tool storage, you want to know you are buying a product that you can trust. We offer information and advice about tool storage designed to help you make the right decisions. We want you to choose the right brands for every solution you buy. We certainly want you to buy the most appropriate solution as well.

Your investment in tools and storage options will likely be a significant one. So don’t take a chance buying the first tool box or tool bag you find on the shelf. Check out Tool Storage Help to see if there is any relevant information you need to know – before you head to the store. We might be able to help you avoid making a purchase decision you will later regret.

Tool Storage Help is your source for everything related to storing and protecting your tools. As our site grows and expands, the library of information we offer will grow with it. Our goal is to be your only online source for all the information you need about tool storage.

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