Your Guide to Buying a Truck Cargo Box

truck cargo box

If you work in construction or another type of trade and travel from one location to another as part of your job, you may use a pickup-truck to get you from place to place. You might also take a bunch of tools with you to help you do your job. If so, a truck cargo box is a fantastic investment to make.

Having a secure place to store your tools in your truck can give you peace of mind and can also help to protect your valuable tool collection from the elements. A truck cargo box is the ideal purchase in terms of keeping your tools in one safe place that is easy to access as and when you need to. But what should you look for when it comes to buying truck cargo boxes?

Type of Truck Cargo Box

You could be of the opinion that all truck cargo boxes are the same, but you would be mistaken. In fact, there are quite a few different types in terms of where and how they attach to your truck. For example, a cross bed style will stretch the width of the truck and will be mounted directly behind the cab. The benefit of this type of truck cargo box is the fact that it usually has space underneath that can be used for storing other items.

If you prefer, you can buy a chest box that will also sit behind the cab but is attached to the floor instead of the sides of the truck and does not reach the height of the sides. Other options include a side-fitting box that attaches to one side of the truck only or a sliding box that is fitted to a rail and can be moved from one end of the truck to the other as and when required.

Which Material Should You Choose?

You will also need to give careful consideration to the type of material you choose when buying a truck cargo box. They tend to be made from steel, hard plastic or aluminum and, while all are resistant to the elements, all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of material you do choose will depend on your needs and circumstances.

Many people will opt for aluminum because of its many advantages. A truck cargo box made from this material will last for a long time because it will be resistant to corrosion and because of the fact that aluminum itself is an extremely durable material. It is a strong but lightweight material, making it perfect for truck cargo boxes. However, if you are on a tight budget you may struggle to find one that meets your needs.

Steel is another popular component material when it comes to truck cargo boxes. Steel is heavy duty and strong and will last for decades. Nevertheless, it can be an expensive choice and the price may be out of some people’s budget.

If you are restricted in the type of cargo box you can buy for your truck because of your budget, you will probably want to consider hard and durable plastic. Plastic truck cargo boxes are made from strong and hard-wearing plastic. Nonetheless, one issue they do have is that they do not tend to be as durable as their aluminum and steel cousins and can fall foul to the elements over time.

Additional Features

As you might already be aware, truck cargo boxes differ depending on the brand. The size and style are important considerations, but you will also want to think about any additional features that you would like.

How your truck cargo box opens is something that you should think about as there are a number of options. Some boxes will have openings at the front that are like a door while others open at the top and have dual gas cylinders that make it easier to open.

You might also want to check out the various compartments, dividers, shelves, and trays that could make it easier for you to store your tools. The more compartments your cargo box has, the easier it will be to organize your tools according to type or size.


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