Everyone has heard of the can and jar organizers usually associated with garage storage solutions. Well, now consider the plastic jug type organizer – and more specifically the 2-litre milk jugs that are so ubiquitous across the country. As well as this, they are effectively free as you would have been recycling them or throwing them out anyway.

One of the many advantages of using such containers as a storage solution is the uniformity they offer. Being all the same shape (I am assuming you buy the same brand of milk all the time), they can be cut to the same height, which offers the ultimate storage efficiency and the aforementioned uniformity.

Just take your plastic jug, stand it up (as you would if there were milk in it) and decide at what height you would like to cut it (I would recommend just above where the top of the handle joins the rest of the receptacle). Very carefully use a pair of scissors or sharp knife and cut across to separate the top from the bottom. Once completed, you now have a handy storage solution for your garage.


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